TRX workouts can shake you to the core, literally. Suspension training makes you feel muscles you didn’t know existed. It’s effective because it forces you to use core muscles 100-percent of the time just to hold yourself steady. On top of that, each TRX movement digs deep into primary movers and a host of stabilizers.

You can get a thorough TRX workout in very little time. Allow at least one day between TRX workouts for adequate recovery. Here’s a workout to get you started:

Allot 30 minutes to complete this TRX Workout. Warm-up first for 5-7 minutes. Then spend 2 minutes perfecting each exercise below for a solid 20 minutes of strength training. Take rest breaks when you reach a point of fatigue. Stretch for 5-10 minutes when you’re done with all three blocks presented below.

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Your 30 Minute TRX Workout


Block #1

Set the straps at a middle setting. Take one handle in each hand. Hands should rest at your thighs.

– Bend your knees and stick your butt back to drop into a deep squat.
– Let your arms extend in front of you as you squat.

Squat Jumps
– Continue to do the squat, but as you rise-up, jump!

One Leg Squat
– Bend your arms and take the handles near your waist.
– Stand on one leg.
– Take your other foot forward and off of the ground.
– Keeping your leg lifted, start squatting down.
– Let your arms extend forward as you let your butt sink toward the ground.
– Press through your base leg and come up slowly without over-relying on the strap handles.

trx workout

Block #2

Walk your feet toward the strap anchor point. Take one handle in each hand. Lean back and extend your arms so that your body is slanted. Your arms should be shoulder height.

Bicep Pull-up
– Turn your palms away from your body.
– Bend your elbows and bring the handles to your forehead.
– Slowly return to the start point.

Chest Pull-up
– Walk in toward the anchor point and bend your knees so you resemble a table top.
– Keep your hips aligned with your knees and shoulders.
– Your arms should be extended toward the ceiling.
– Once in the start position, bend your elbows to lift your chest in-between the handles.
– Lower back down to the tabletop position.

Squat/Pull-up Combo
– Walk your feet away from the anchor point slightly.
– Your arms should be extended in front of you at eye-level.
– Do a squat.
– Then do a bicep pull-up.

Block #3

Set the straps longer so the handles hit your mid-calf when hanging from the anchor point.

Atomic Push-ups
– Get into a plank with one foot in each handle.
– Tighten your core to tucks your legs into your chest.
– Return to plank.
– Do a push-up.

Tricep Push-ups
– Place your palms directly under your shoulders.
– Bend your elbows.
– Let your arms scrape your ribs throughout the movement.

Side Legs Out
– Hold a plank.
– Keep your legs straight and take your right leg out to the side.
– Return to center.
– Repeat on the other side.

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