How to Correctly Perform “The Lunge”

By January 8, 2020Fitness Tutorials

The lunge is a great lower-body exercise that not only allows you to target the hamstring, glutes, and quads but also, your obliques. It is great for any imbalances you may have because you’re able to target one leg at a time – this goes for the front, reverse, or walking lunge.

You want to make sure you’re using proper form. You’re going to bend at both knees as if you’re trying to touch the floor with that back knee. You do not want your knee to go past your toes on that front foot. This can cause knee pains or knee injuries in the future. You do not want to push with the ball or your toes, instead, You want to make sure that you are pushing with the heel of your feet so that your feet stay flat. You do not want to lean too far forward or down. You want to keep that chest up – nice straight upper body.

And that’s how you do a lunge.

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