You’ve resolved to workout regularly in 2018. You can do it! The chances you’ll follow through can be boosted right now by learning how to incorporate recovery and self-care into your fitness landscape.Try implementing these 11 ways to recover:

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Recovery 101: Make Recovery Part of Your New Fitness Routine

1) Recovery starts before you commence your workout.

Plan ahead for the intensity to come. Make sure you are hydrated, well-fed and rested before you start moving. Begin each workout with a warm-up that includes active stretching and rehearsal moves that mimic what’s to come in order to avoid injury.

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2) Conclude your workouts with static stretches.

Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds a piece to ward off post-workout soreness and to increase your range of motion and flexibility. Keeping muscles supple will allow joints to move properly so you’re less likely to get sidelined by an injury.

3) Strip off your sweaty socks and sopping wet t-shirt post-workout.

So you can dry off quickly, especially in chilly climes. Walking around in wet clothes can make it difficult for your body to shake off the shivers when your system needs to allot energy to renewal.

4) Use recovery tools like foam rollers to achieve myofascial release when tissue gets tight.

Just 10 minutes spent compressing and rolling the fascia tissue that exists inside and over your muscles can help you maintain and improve the range of motion you need to keep joints and muscles mobile and healthy.

5) Drink water. It’s simple.

Water will keep you hydrated and help your body whisk away waste. It’s calorie free, easily digested and (hopefully) chemical free.

6) Eat something healthy within 30 minutes (give or take some minutes).

After a hard workout to deliver nutrients and energy to your system so tissue repair and recovery can begin.

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7) Eat well-rounded meals and snacks.

Between workouts to keep blood sugar and energy levels steady, so when it comes time to roll you’re ready.

8) Take rest days.

While you might feel like going “whole hog” and working out hard every day of the week, keep in mind that active rest days play a big part in the success of athletes, from elites to beginners. Active rest days should include movement. However, the activity level should be mild. Cross training, mind-body sessions, walks, games, etc. can all be a part of an active rest day.

9) Seek out the spa experience at your gym.

Try out the sauna, steam room, hot tub, massage services or any other recovery corner offered available.

10) Meditate.

Strive to keep the amount of stress hormones circulating in your body at bay. Stress hormones, like cortisol, can sabotage your best fitness efforts. Learn to calm your mind with meditation. Prepare with visualization. Take deep breaths when you need and do whatever brings you peace.

11) Make sure you get adequate sleep!

Your body and brain need ample zzzzz’s to go through the process of waste removal and cellular growth and repair.

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