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crash dieting

4 Ways Crash Dieting Will Make Your Health Crash and Burn

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We’ve all seen those dramatic before-and-after photos of people who lost half their body weight. Maybe you have a friend or loved one who has made a serious transformation as well. These changes grab our attention, inspire us and even motivate our own diet and fitness efforts. But crash dieting is not an option if you want to make a physique transformation that lasts for years to come. Instead, you should focus on a lifestyle change. Crash dieting doesn’t work, and here’s why:

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Get Outside, It’s Spring! Your Post-Work Outdoor Workout

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There’s nothing quite like walking outside to your car after a long day at work, only to be stopped in your tracks by a sudden (and pleasant!) realization: it’s still bright outside! After the wet winter we had, spring could not be a more welcome sight. As the weather slowly (we emphasize slowly) creeps to warmer and sunnier, why not take advantage by adding in an outdoor workout to your daily routine?

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pull bup bar exercises

4 Pull-Up Bar Exercises That Aren’t Pull-Ups

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If you’re like most, you probably know that pull-up bar exercises are a great way to target your lats – the long muscles that stretch from beneath your shoulder blades to your mid-back – as well as your arms and core. But did you know that your pull-up bar can pull double duty (or even quintuple duty!) if you add other exercises in as well?

Yep. Accordingly, here are four exercises you can do on the bar that isn’t pull-ups. You’ll appreciate the variety they bring to your workout routine as well as the booty-kicking punch they’ll deliver to muscles all over your body. If you’re ready to rip it, read on.

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grip strength

Why you Need Rock Climber Grip Strength + How to Get It

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Grip strength is one of those areas that tends to get overlooked in the typical person’s strength and fitness routine. It’s also one of those things that we don’t really notice until it’s been negatively affected due to injury or illness, or if our grip fails us when we really need it (like during that one rep max deadlift).
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daily water

5 Creative Ways to Drink More Water in One Day

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8 glasses of water a day…is it really that important? Why yes, yes it is. Ideally, you should be consuming around one-third to one-half of your body weight in fluid ounces of water per day. This helps your body with everything from keeping your skin looking youthful to aiding digestion to accelerate post-workout recovery periods.
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