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grip strength

Why you Need Rock Climber Grip Strength + How to Get It

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Grip strength is one of those areas that tends to get overlooked in the typical person’s strength and fitness routine. It’s also one of those things that we don’t really notice until it’s been negatively affected due to injury or illness, or if our grip fails us when we really need it (like during that one rep max deadlift).
But that saying “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” is all too true when it comes to your ability to grip, grasp, and hold things. Read More

daily water

5 Creative Ways to Drink More Water in One Day

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8 glasses of water a day…is it really that important? Why yes, yes it is. Ideally, you should be consuming around one-third to one-half of your body weight in fluid ounces of water per day. This helps your body with everything from keeping your skin looking youthful to aiding digestion to accelerate post-workout recovery periods.
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