4 Ways Crash Dieting Will Make Your Health Crash and Burn

By April 16, 2019Lifestyle, Nutrition

We’ve all seen those dramatic before-and-after photos of people who lost half their body weight. Maybe you have a friend or loved one who has made a serious transformation as well. These changes grab our attention, inspire us and even motivate our own diet and fitness efforts. But crash dieting is not an option if you want to make a physique transformation that lasts for years to come. Instead, you should focus on a lifestyle change. Crash dieting doesn’t work, and here’s why:

4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Crash Dieting

1) Inflexibility

crash dietingA majority of crash dieters take such an extreme, 180-degree approach to their old lifestyle that they have trouble adapting to change and adjusting when their routine is altered. They view foods as “good” or “bad” and have such a dichotomous way of thinking that there is little room for balance or compromise. If they fall off the wagon or eat a food that is perceived as bad, they often end up quitting, binging or experiencing a serious setback. Eating can develop into rigid and compulsive behavior.


2) The Unfamiliar

When you completely change your dieting behaviors, you have to learn new routines, food pairings, grocery store purchases, etc. And when you’re new at something, it’s really easy to fall back into a more comfortable pattern or behavior—especially when life gets challenging!

When you ditch the extremity of crash dieting, you’ll increase your odds of staying on track and achieving your goal. The optimal approach to take is the opposite of this black-and-white way of thinking: Work on following a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


Here are some qualities of people who’ve hit their goal and maintained it:

3) Avoid Perfectionism and Absolute Thinking and Behavior

They understand that perfection is impossible. They aren’t as distressed when they’re a little “looser” with their diet for the day or when things don’t go their way. Overall they find a healthy balance and realize that there are going to be days or moments when they trip or struggle.

4) Be Gradual with Change

People who are able to maintain a healthy and steady physique transformation generally take a more gradual approach as they learn new behaviors. As they build their confidence and knowledge, it becomes easier and easier and eventually becomes their go-to routine.

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