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How To Properly Fuel Your Active Lifestyle

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“Kale vs. quinoa?” “Protein vs. carbs?” “Eat this, and your biceps will bulge!” “Eat that, and your metabolism will burn like the sun!” When did eating become so complicated? When did choosing a dinner start to feel like buying a used car? Here’s the deal: If a quick fix sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There is no “best” way to eat or one miracle “diet.” However, there might be a best way for you to fuel your active lifestyle. Read More

Pumping Iron: Weight Lifting Belts and When to Start Using Them

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The moment when you finally start to see results in the mirror after you’ve been lifting weights at the gym is always super satisfying. Weight lifting is an important part of a well-rounded fitness routine, whether you’ve decided that you want to bulk up, or you’ve been working on dropping some extra pounds. But just like any exercise that you attempt at the gym, injuries are common with weight lifting. With the right form, a good trainer and proper equipment (like weight lifting braces), you can avoid most injuries and save yourself the embarrassment of leaving the gym in an ambulance! Read More

Uncomfortable at the Gym? 5 Simple Tips to Ease Back Into Working Out

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Being uncomfortable at the gym is no picnic in the park. This can occur for many reasons: poor body image, the fear that comes from having been away for too long, or low energy levels and motivation from a lack of exercise over a long period of time. Whatever the case, sometimes the prospect of returning to the gym can make you so dang unhappy you’d do almost anything to avoid it. Welp, that’s natural, and we don’t need to tell you how important it is to go anyway but we are going to give you a few tips so you can start getting a little cozier in the gym.
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Upper Body Circuit Training That Will Get You Shredded

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Rocking the body of your dreams requires a lot of hard work and dedication at the gym and no fitness routine is complete without the proper upper body circuit training. The modern fit body is all about balance and while making sure you look good is important, your vanity should take a back seat to building strength. Upper body circuit training is a great way to mix cardio and strength training in a fast, 30-minute workout. Follow this helpful guide to build strength, burn fat, increase your endurance and better enjoy what you see in the mirror.
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Leg Day Recovery Tips That Will Keep You Going Strong

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While most people dread leg day at the gym, if you skip it too often you’ll end up rocking those chicken legs forever! One of the biggest reason so many people hate leg day is the fact that recovery can be brutal. Whether you’ve got a big week ahead of you or you’re training for a marathon, your legs need to recover properly before you can tackle your next workout. Follow these simple tips to make sure you ace your leg day recovery!
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