Uncomfortable at the Gym? 5 Simple Tips to Ease Back Into Working Out

By September 6, 2016Health & Fitness

Being uncomfortable at the gym is no picnic in the park. This can occur for many reasons: poor body image, the fear that comes from having been away for too long, or low energy levels and motivation from a lack of exercise over a long period of time. Whatever the case, sometimes the prospect of returning to the gym can make you so dang unhappy you’d do almost anything to avoid it. Welp, that’s natural, and we don’t need to tell you how important it is to go anyway but we are going to give you a few tips so you can start getting a little cozier in the gym.

5 Tips to Thrive if You’re Feeling Uncomfortable at the Gym

1) Start Slow

Uncomfortable at the GymNothing leads to gym meltdown as quickly or as spectacularly as the New Year’s Resolution gone wrong. We’ve all been there: eating mincemeat pie (or whatever people eat this century) right up until December 31st, then throwing ourselves into an all-out fit-fest on elliptical machines, in the weight room and on the yoga mat. Not good. Instead, start slow, maybe one or two visits a week, and work your way up. Don’t blow it out and give up.

2) Get a Gym Buddy

This works in two ways. One, if you’re a little uncomfortable in your own skin – as most of us are at the gym – it can help to have the moral support. Two, a gym buddy gives you that extra accountability you need to actually drag your butt there. Having a gym buddy does a lot to mitigate feeling uncomfortable at the gym, so ask a friend today.

3) Choose Something That Works for You

Your gym routines should work for you, and no one else. Try multiple workouts, then stick to what you like. What’s on-trend or in-style does not matter at all compared to what makes you actually feel good.

4) Bring the Right Gear

There’s no quicker way to be uncomfortable at the gym than to wear the wrong gear. In yoga, wear loose clothes that let you stretch. When doing cardio, wear clothes that cling so you’re not always pulling them up. Hate your paunch? Wear a disguising sweatshirt so you don’t have to worry about it.

5) Try a Personal Trainer

This sounds like something only the rich and famous can seriously consider, but in reality, personal trainers can be very affordable. Watch for specials at the gym, which may periodically offer personal trainers at a two-for-one price (for you and a buddy) or at a package rate (say, ten sessions) that are totally economical.

In reality, hitting the gym isn’t that fun at first. In fact, it may be downright miserable, but that doesn’t mean it’s not healthy and totally worth it. If you want to get a gym routine going again, try the above tips. If you stick with it, you truly will enjoy yourself in the end, so it’s always worth it.

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