Kickstart Your Metabolism with a Morning Gym Routine

By September 12, 2016Health & Fitness

For those of us who aren’t morning people (or barely even afternoon people) the notion of waking up in time for a morning gym routine is tough to wrestle with. The first few days require an alarm that would be more at home as a ship’s horn, but once your body gets into the groove there are some serious benefits to starting your day at the gym.

5 Reason That’ll Make Your Morning Gym Routine WORTH It!

1) Kickstart Your Metabolism

morning gym routineWhile the causes are largely unknown, the verdict seems to be out that the post-exercise “afterburn” is a real phenomenon in which the body enjoys a heightened metabolism after intense workouts. Not only will you be more alert and productive in the early hours at the office, but you’ll also benefit from the additional caloric burn while the body works to restore glycogen throughout the day.

2) Take Advantage of Hormonal Peaks

Everyone’s body is a bit different, but we experience peaks and valleys in our hormone levels throughout the day. For the majority of us, testosterone spikes in the morning and fades throughout the day, so what better time for a workout than when your body is best equipped to leverage its use? This is especially important for men, whose bodies produce 10x more testosterone as women because the T levels bottom out in the late afternoon and evening.

3) It’ll Be Way More Quiet

We’re not talking about volume, you can still crank your tunes! But it’s likely to be less crowded however you exercise. There’ll be fewer joggers on the path, fewer cyclists (and cars!) on the road, and less competition for equipment at the gym. While convenience alone would be worth it, this additional freedom can also help improve the workout itself. You can complete more sets, and longer sets, with less involuntary rest in between, ensuring that your intense workout is as efficient and effective as possible.

4) It’s Easier to Hold Yourself Accountable

For all the reasons to go to the gym, we’re often faced with distractions despite the best of intentions. The activities that compete for your time – late work projects, happy hour, impromptu date night – more often arrive in the evening than the morning. No matter how badly you want to get in an evening workout, we’re all familiar with the last minute change of plans that strikes the workout from the agenda. With a set morning gym routine, there are fewer things to compete for your attention and you can still start your day with a coffee either way!

5) You’ll Get Better Sleep

By starting your day a little bit earlier, it stands to reason that you’ll be that much more ready to head to bed when the evening rolls around. This is especially relevant for those accustomed to working out at night. While there’s plenty of research on the topic, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that exercise is incredibly stimulating for the body. A prolonged period of mental and physical alertness is the last thing you need for a good night’s sleep, and can even lead to bouts of insomnia.

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