Upper Body Circuit Training That Will Get You Shredded

By September 6, 2016Workouts

Rocking the body of your dreams requires a lot of hard work and dedication at the gym and no fitness routine is complete without the proper upper body circuit training. The modern fit body is all about balance and while making sure you look good is important, your vanity should take a back seat to building strength. Upper body circuit training is a great way to mix cardio and strength training in a fast, 30-minute workout. Follow this helpful guide to build strength, burn fat, increase your endurance and better enjoy what you see in the mirror.

The Ultimate Upper Body Circuit Training Guide

Resistance training with upper body circuit workouts is great for increasing strength, improving your stamina, and increasing your bone density too. With these high-intensity intervals, you can burn a ton of calories and build muscle faster. Once you’ve found your perfect groove you’ll start to see great results.

Step 1: Make Time for Your Workouts

upper body circuit trainingSince circuit training is all about a workout that is based on repetitions, you’ll need to start by setting a time limit for yourself. For many people, anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes usually works. Just remember, the shorter the workout the harder you’re gonna have to work!

Step 2: Choose Your Upper Body Exercises

Circuit training is meant to be simple and effective, so don’t spend too much time fretting over what you’re about to do. Use whatever equipment you have handy and get going. If you’re at the gym, you’ll have a ton of options but you can still get in a good circuit training session at home too.

Be sure to choose a different upper body move each time you run through the circuit to see the best results. Each movement should be performed as many times as possible within 30 seconds, with 15 seconds of rest. It’s best to aim for 8 to 15 reps for weighted exercises and as many as possible for bodyweight exercises. After 3 to 5 total circuits you’re done!

Example Circuits

Example One:

  • Chinups
  • Tricep Dips
  • Dumbbells (alternating rows)
  • Close-Grip Pushups
  • Standing Band Resisted Curl
  • Long-Lever Planks

Example Two:

  • Shoulder Presses
  • Bent-Over Tows
  • Standing Dumbbell Curls
  • Tricep Dips
  • Pushups
  • Russian Ab Twists

Step 3: Keep Going

Once you’ve found your perfect circuit, add it to your regular fitness routine. Endurance athletes will often incorporate intense resistance and circuit training into their workouts for around 4 to 8 weeks to develop their mobility, increase strength and improve their stamina.

Get Fit Faster with Upper Body Circuit Training

Circuit training is a great way to build strength and your stamina all in one go. Many endurance athletes use this type of resistance training to round out their fitness routines and reduce their chances of becoming injured during training season. Get yourself one step closer to your ideal fit body by mastering your very own upper body circuit workout routine.

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