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need more sleep

4 Subtle Signs You Need More Sleep

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We usually can identify the obvious signs that we need more sleep, such as frequent yawning, having puffy or heavy eyelids and experiencing a general sense of tiredness. But what about the less obvious ones, the subtle cues that are alerting us to get more zzz’s? These signs are important to recognize because almost half of us don’t receive the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep per night. This can lead to serious health issues. And if we continue a habit of poor sleep, we’ll be even less aware of how much we’re sleep deprived and fail to make the necessary changes!

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stop cravings

From Eating Junk to Eating Healthy: 7 Ways to Stop Cravings

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Sometimes chocolate (or chips, or cookies, or candy…) just seems to speak to you. It whispers at first, calling to you from the pantry, coaxing you to come break off a piece. If you try to ignore it, a craving can be even more insistent. Suddenly, it’s all you can think about, and before you know it you’re standing in front of the pantry polishing off the entire bar… oops. Will you ever be able to stop these cravings?
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