4 Subtle Signs You Need More Sleep

We usually can identify the obvious signs that we need more sleep, such as frequent yawning, having puffy or heavy eyelids and experiencing a general sense of tiredness. But what about the less obvious ones, the subtle cues that are alerting us to get more zzz’s? These signs are important to recognize because almost half of us don’t receive the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep per night. This can lead to serious health issues. And if we continue a habit of poor sleep, we’ll be even less aware of how much we’re sleep deprived and fail to make the necessary changes!

4 Signs You May Need More Sleep:

1) Lack of expression and creative thought:

When we’re tired, our brains are less likely to be capable of new or fresh thoughts. We tend to rely on clichés and generalizations and stumble over the right words. Our brain goes on autopilot and can’t muster the energy to produce. Speech becomes less eloquent, and we might even start to slur.


2) Increasing irritability:

We all have our bad days and moods. But when you are more tired than usual, you may find yourself flying off the handle over things that never used to bother you. Your fuse may shorten and your sensitivity could increase. Overall, relating to people becomes a chore, and your behavior is quite unpredictable.

need more sleep3) Acne breakouts:

Our faces are a great indication of how much sleep and peace we have in our lives. If you are not getting enough sleep, you might experience more acne and frustrating breakouts. Our skin can become less lively, firm and youthful-appearing as the collagen breaks down and cortisol levels spike.

4) Insatiable appetite:

When we need more sleep, many of us get the “munchies.” Lack of sleep can cause a disruption in the hormones that affect our appetite as well as increased insulin sensitivity. Because of this, you might even see a change in your body (aka. weight gain!).

If you’re experiencing any of these four subtle signs, you probably need more sleep on a regular basis. Don’t neglect this crucial aspect of your overall health and well-being. More sleep helps us stay on track with our fitness goals, look younger, stay focused and be more productive during the day!

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