5 Ways to Stay Motivated at the Gym

We have all experienced those days when we aren’t motivated to workout. Our warm, comfy beds can be impossible to leave for an early morning gym session. After a tiring work day, that glass of wine sounds all too perfect. It’s easy to get caught up in the present moment and ignore the gym. How exactly do we push past these weak moments?

Combat those gym excuses and stay motivated:


1. Set aside the SAME time for the gym each day

You are more likely to stick with something if you make it a habit! By going at the same time daily, you will start to form a habit. Then, you can plan your schedule accordingly around your gym time!





2. Go with a friend:

gym buddy holds you accountable and makes working out FUN! It’s less intimidating to walk into the gym if you have a friend by your side. You can challenge and motivate each other!

stay motivated

3. Listen to a pumped-up playlist:

A good song gets you in the zone and makes your workout fly by. Create a solid playlist that keeps you feeling energized and excited.


4. Change up your workout: 

Take a new group class! Go for a run outside – try some outdoor workouts! Changing things up will make your time in the gym will be more productive, and you won’t get bored.


5. Set long-term goals:

Focus on a goal, and you will start working out more consistently. Want to gain more muscle? Lose 10 pounds? Work with a trainer or independently to set up a game plan that will achieve specific goals.


Once you get into a solid workout groove, exercising can be a highlight of your day. Good luck on your fitness journey! Comment below with any other thoughts or advice tidbits.


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