4 Helpful Ways to Stick to Your Workout Plan This Season

By December 19, 2016Lifestyle

When we think of the holidays a number of things spring to mind: parties, fantastic food, and delicious drinks, sleeping late and traveling to see the family. Unfortunately, this doesn’t leave much time for our workouts, and we tend to let them fall by the wayside. Have you ever said to yourself, “It’s ok, I’ll start again in the New Year”

Avoid Temptation and Stick to Your Workout Plan by Following These 4 Tips for Success This Holiday Season


1. Write a Plan and Stick to It

Nothing leads to failure faster than uncertainty and chaos. Writing out a plan will help you realize exactly where you’ll be, how much time you’ll have and what you’ll be doing over the holiday season. This will allow you to schedule your workouts accordingly.

Your plan should list the exact:Stick to Your Workout Plans

  • Days you’re going to workout.
  • Time of day you’re going to workout.
  • Duration of your workouts.
  • The exercises in your workouts.

Planning is all about preparation. Make sure you pack all your workout gear and a change of clothes in your bag the night before a workout to avoid “accidentally” forgetting them.

2. Wake Up Early

Many people tend to sleep late over the holiday season; this makes morning workouts the perfect way to have the gym all to yourself.

Errands like entertaining guests, driving the kids to the mall or preparing feasts for the family usually take up most of the day and can be very distracting for people who like to workout late. This is why early mornings are a great time to get your sweat on and to find a little “me time”.

3. Make a Bet with a Friend or Family Member

There’s nothing like a little friendly wager to help keep you accountable. Raise the stakes by betting with a friend or family member over the holidays. You may want to bet on who will be the first to break their diet or to see who will be the first to reach an agreed upon goal.

This is an excellent way to stay motivated while adding a little fun and excitement. Although, you need to remember this wager is all in the name of fun, so don’t go overboard by betting your house or first-born child.

4. Reward Yourself with a Gift from You!

Rewards and incentives subconsciously drive many of our decisions and habits. A reward can be anything inside our outside of our body that we find valuable. For example, the euphoric feeling of ‘runners high,’ or the joy of seeing decreasing numbers on the bathroom scales.

A reward for a job well done isn’t just for pets, and you may find treating yourself after achieving your goals incredibly motivating.

Although it’s important, you don’t treat yourself with something that will damage your health. What I mean is, don’t be that person who slaves in the gym and diets like crazy only to reward themselves with a pound of fries and a bucket of beer at the local burger joint.

Remember, your health is more than a hobbyit’s a lifestyle.

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