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Cristiano Del Giacco

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Front Squats

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Many people shy away from front squats because they think it’s too difficult or simply too awkward. However, the placement of the bar in front of your body provides a number of benefits compared to regular squats, including reduced shearing and compressive forces on your vertebral discs, more emphasis on the rectus femoris and vastus lateralis heads of the quad, and improved core control and posture

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Learn Why and How to Keep a Straight Back While Doing Push-Ups

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Do you wish you looked like a hardcore Marine when you did push-ups, but instead, you really look like a single soggy noodle that’s been thrown on the floor? Keeping your back straight through many exercises is crucial, and the push-up is no exception. Unfortunately for us, we generally learn our push-up technique at school by someone screaming “1,2,3,4,5,6…” Many of us don’t understand how important a straight back is for this fundamental movement, and will forever view the push-up as a form of punishment. Read More