Tell that Fall Flu to Get Lost: 5 Teas to Better Your Health During the Changing Season

By October 2, 2017Nutrition

The fall and winter seasons are gorgeous, busy, and tinged with nostalgia. Unfortunately, they also tend to be tinged with germs. If you’re hoping to avoid falling ill with the flu or even the common cold this season, consider drinking more tea. Research has shown that teas are full of things that are good for your health, including anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting antioxidants which may also protect you against things like cancer and heart disease. As a rule, teas contain less caffeine than coffee—that is, if they contain any caffeine at all. Plus, they’re perfect for sipping as is or even dosed with a teaspoon of add-ins like collagen powder, ground turmeric, or coconut oil.

So, wondering which types of teas are best to brew during the changing of the seasons? We’re sharing five that we think you’ll love.

5 Perfect Fall & Winter Teas That Can Help Keep You Healthy & Flu-Free

1) Green Tea

The who’s who of teas, green tea is probably the most well-known brewed beverage as far as proven health benefits go. Its list of noted, scientifically-backed accomplishments? In addition to supporting a healthy immune system, green tea can also stimulate metabolism, boost cognitive function, and kill dental-disease causing bacteria. Hint: avoid over-brewing to prevent bitterness.
Flavor: sweet and clean

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2) Chamomile Tea

Since getting good sleep is so important (and often so difficult!) this time of year, drinking chamomile tea before bed (known for centuries as a natural sleep aid) can really bolster your natural-born immunity.
Flavor: light and flowery

tea changing seasons3) Peppermint Tea

Soothe your digestion, clear your sinuses, and boost your immunity with this naturally caffeine-free tea that’s perfect for a late night treat.
Flavor: minty and refreshing

4) Hibiscus Tea

This herbal tea may help stave off a cold and can even help relieve cold and flu-like symptoms in the event that you do fall ill.
Flavor: fruity and tart (similar to cranberry)

5) Pu-Erh Tea

Pronounced “poo-air,” pu-erh tea is long-heralded among Chinese herbalist experts, and actually, contains a higher concentration of antioxidants compared to other teas thanks to the natural fermentation process that the leaves go through prior to drying.
Flavor: hearty and earthy

Which one of these do you like the best? Let us know by sharing in the comments below. Cheers to your health!

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