Podcasts are the new wave in media content: awesome, free, downloadable radio shows that you can listen to in your car, as you workout, or even as you do chores around your home.
And while podcasts topics are about as diverse as they come, the health and fitness genre offers literally hundreds of options that will help educate, inspire, and empower you.

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Here are 5 Fitness Podcasts We Love:

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1) Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron

Chasing Excellence by Ben BergeronConsidered one of the most renowned and experienced CrossFit coaches and business owners, Ben Bergeron’s goal with this podcast is to “[dissect] what it means to live a life of excellence, both inside the gym and out.” Whether you’re a competitive athlete or not, you’ll definitely find episodes that can help you maximize your physical and mental potential.



2) Half Size Me by Heather Robertson

Half Size Me by Heather RobertsonConsider this a more relatable version of The Biggest Loser craze. Hosted by a woman who achieved her 170 lb weight loss by making consistent, realistic, and sustainable goals, this podcast features interviews with other people who share actionable steps for weight loss and achieving an overall healthier lifestyle.



3) The Jillian Michaels Show by Jillian Michaels

The Jillian Michaels Show by Jillian MichaelsCelebrity trainer to the stars (and some lucky contestants on the above-mentioned hit show) Michaels shares her passion for fitness and health as well as a variety of other topics including relationships, love, and career. If you’re looking for some inspiration in many areas of life, this podcast is for you.



4) Katy Says by Katy Bowman

Katy Says by Katy BowmanTake a more holistic and functional approach to your fitness with advice and tips shared by this proponent of “restorative exercise.” Katy’s ideas and beliefs will help you learn how to move in ways that your body was meant to move…good for counteracting the potentially harmful effects of excessive sitting. This podcast is perfect for anyone recovering from an injury, trying to shake up their fitness routine, or simply try to shake off the deleterious effects of their desk job.



5) The One You Feed

the one you feedThe title of this podcast is based on the famous parable of the two wolves, and in our opinion is a good way to develop your healthy mindset while also working on your healthy body. Topics discussed by a wide variety of guests include envy, willpower, and facing adversity.



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