One of the top reasons adults say they don’t work out is “lack of time.” Squash that excuse. Sure, a lack of time might be an obstacle if every single workout you do has to coincide with a marathon shower and shaving plan.

But, with simple planning and better pacing, there is no need to skip a workout even if you have to take a pass on a post-workout shower. Select the products that work for you and try these five must do’s to freshen up fast…

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No Time to Shower? 5 Post-Workout Tips to Clean Up & Feel Fresh:

1) Fresh Socks and Dry Clothing.

Duh, right?! Often times, it’s not the smell of your body that gives you away when you skip a shower. Rather, it’s the stink of sweaty fabric. So, step out of sweaty spandex and socks. Some fabrics dry quickly. If that’s the case, no need to shed them. But most socks don’t dry quickly and the smell will haunt you later. At a minimum, travel with a pair of fresh socks to change into after a sweat fest. Your sneakers, feet and your friends will thank you.

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2) Bond with Body Wipes.

A travel pack of re-sealable baby wipes or “no-rinse” bathing wipes that are made to deal with adult-sized sweat glands can be your post-workout BFF. Athletic gear companies, like Rei, sell wipes for both men and women. This is the time to remember all of the regions you discussed in high school health class. Focus on those areas that made you blush and wipe ‘em down – pits and all. Don’t forget your toes!

3) Face It.

Nothing gives away the fact that you’ve skipped a shower like salt from dry sweat circling your mouth or raccoon rings from running mascara. Whether you’re male or female, use a facial wipe to remove salt, oil and any other dirty marks from your mug. Most people have luck with facial wipes that include salicylic acid to clean pores.

4) Tame Your Mane.

Different hairstyles and textures will demand a different post-workout approach. Think speedy. Think dry. A brief encounter with a hair dryer can allow you to sleek straight hair of long or medium length into braids, headbands, and buns. Comb through curly hair with your fingers for instant “beach hair.” (People pay big bucks for that look!) For oily hair, try using dry shampoo. Sprinkle it on to absorb excess dirt and oil. Comb, style, and move on!

5) Get Misty. Not Musty! Body Mists

Refresh and revitalize skin and keep you cool after a post-workout wipe down without adding a heavy layer of lotion. Choose plant-based organic mists to feel confident that you’re not absorbing dangerous chemicals into your skin. Made with moisturizing oils (like tea tree and citrus) and skin tingling ingredients (like witch hazel and mint) a mist can awaken your senses and brighten your skin and scent. Check out brands like Nature’s Brands or Indigo Wild, or make your own with this Wellness Mama technique.

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