Whether you’re hosting guests this winter or simply trying to spread a little joy and cheer among your family, you have an endless number of ways to decorate your home for the holidays. Fortunately, you don’t have to blow your holiday budget to do it, either!

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10 Affordable (and Awesome!) Holiday Home Decor Ideas

1) Light a candle.

The scent and flickering light of a well-placed candle really sets the tone and energy for your house any time of year, and especially around the holidays.

2) Cue up the music.

Rock around to your fave holiday music. From celebrity albums to piano classics, music is perfect for setting a merry mood.

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3) Simmer some cinnamon.

Fill up your home with the scent of the season by trying this evergreen and cinnamon stove simmer from home decor bloggers Emma and Elsie of A Beautiful Mess.

4) Bring in the comfy reinforcements.

Switch out your throws and decorative pillows for more holiday-inspired decor with a pop of color and an inviting feel: think chunky knit, sequin, plaid, and velvet.

5) Sip something seasonal.

Nothing says “home for the holidays” quite like mulled wine, hot cider, or white hot chocolate enjoyed in front of the fire (or the football game on TV!). Enjoy your decadence in moderation, but enjoy nonetheless!
Bonus detail: head to the dollar store and grab some cute holiday mugs.

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6) String up those lights.

A nice set of string lights doesn’t have to be for your tree only. Grab a set of white or multi-colored lights and hang them over windows, doorways, or even sturdy potted plants.

7) Bring the great outdoors indoors.

There’s something romantic and cozy about pine cones, birch bark, mistletoe, and holly. On the next cool crisp day, take a stroll or run around your neighborhood and collect some nature items, then display in creative arrangements in your home (feel free to pair with a candle or set of string lights).

8) Go ahead: go “fir” a fake tree!

If the hassle and mess of a real Christmas tree is turning you off from the whole idea, try trimming a fake tree this year instead. We love these white ones from Wayfair.

9) Display your holiday mail.

Greeting cards from your friends and family are a touching gesture. Look at them all season long by creatively displaying them in your home.

10) Deck your door with a wreath.

Nothing is more inviting and appealing to your guests than a gorgeous holiday wreath hanging on your front door. You can buy one just about anywhere, but if you’re feeling particularly festive, try making your own instead.

From our family to yours, Happy Holidays and may you all have a healthy and happy New Year!

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