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5 Exercises to Build Bigger Traps like ‘The Rock’

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Hulk Hogan, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Clay Matthews—what do these three men have in common? Athletic prowess—sure. Celebrity status—true. But what is it that makes these three men stick out? These men have built their bodies in a way that screams strength, and that message just may come most loud and clear from the traps. To build bigger traps takes some time, it doesn’t just come easy. Finally achieving “The Rock” style traps is the shiny trophy earned from the dedication and hard work you’ve put into earning them.
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Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips: 6 Ways to Get Healthier Food in Your Kitchen

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Your refrigerator’s produce drawer: for many, it’s the place where good intentions go to die. All too often, shoppers load up on cheap, processed foods when they shop at the grocery store—and the few health foods that they do bring home rarely get eaten. If you fall into this category of shoppers, who could blame you? After all, studies have shown that eating fresh, healthy foods is more expensive. Still, we’ve got some healthy grocery shopping tips that’ll make it easier (and cheaper) to eat better.

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