How To Handle Your Spring Allergies

Allergies kinda stink. For people who struggle with spring allergies, it’s a little like getting kicked when you’re down. After all, we just made it through a cold winter.

Now that the weather’s getting nicer and the days are getting longer, a lot of us have to start dealing with sneezing, itching eyes, runny noses, sore throats, and an overall sense of fogginess that follows us around everywhere we go. Yuck!

Fortunately, for the 16% of us in America who struggle with spring allergies (costing our healthcare system an estimated $18 billion every year), there are some things we can do to help get a hold of our symptoms. And while over-the-counter or even prescription medications may be necessary in some cases, you don’t have to rely exclusively on pills.

Top 5 Tips For Handling Your Spring Allergies

An allergy is essentially an over-the-top immune response a normally non-harmful substance, like pollen, dust, and pet dander. For this reason, it’s best for people who get allergies to focus on ways to improve the strength and efficiency of their immunity. This can help relieve symptoms and prevent symptoms from recurring all season long.

Here are 5 simple things you can do to try to recharge your immune system and get those sneezes under control:

1) Gargle With Salt Water

You should do this once or twice a day to soothe your sore throat and relieve congestion.

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2) Invest in a Neti Pot

spring allergiesThis is a traditional technique to naturally flush out your sinuses, clearing your nose of allergens, mucus, and, well, gonk. It’s a little on the strange side, but people swear by it.

3) Workout Indoors

This can be especially helpful on days with a high pollen count. Sweating and breathing heavy in an environment filled with pollen can really cause a symptom flare-up. How do you know the pollen count in your area?

Check out and type in your town in the search bar. On the other hand, if it’s not the pollen that bugs you but the dust and pet dander indoors, then throw open those windows and get outside more.

4) Wear a mask during yard work

Spring is the perfect time to get started on those endless projects around the house. Give yourself a helping hand by wearing a mask or even a bandana while rummaging around in your yard to keep dust, pollen, dirt, and other particles from getting into your respiratory system.

5) Change Out of Your Clothes and Shoes When You Get Home

Believe it or not, your work and workout clothes can often trap environmental allergens in the folds and fabric. Get in the habit of changing out of your daytime clothes in exchange for a comfy pair of sweats or jeans to keep these allergens out of the house as much as possible.

Do you get spring allergies? Let us know how you stop your sneezes by sharing in the comments below!

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