Why Joining a Gym Can Help You Get Over a Breakup

No matter how old you get, some things will never change. Going through a breakup —even if you’re the one who did the dumping— can be hard to do. Whether you just got out of a long relationship or you never even had a chance to meet their folks, the best way to get over a breakup is to get a seriously hot post-breakup body. When you look and feel like a million bucks, you’re more likely to be able to heal and move on. So switch off the sad songs, load up your favorite hard-hitting workout jams and get your butt to the gym! 

4 Reasons Why Joining a Gym Could Help You Get Over a Breakup

1. Socialize

Unraveling yourself from your ex can be a sticky situation and can leave you feeling pretty lonely after the dust settles. Whether you’ve been trying to divide up your mutual friends, or you simply feel like talking to someone who doesn’t know your ex exists, meeting new people at the gym is easy. When you branch out at the gym, you’ll meet people with similar interests and might even find a new crush to take your mind off things. Try signing up for yoga, enlisting the help of a personal trainer or asking for tips while chilling by the free weights and start chatting with your fellow gym members for some much needed social interaction.


2. Gain Self Confidence

A bad breakup can leave even the most narcissistic person feeling insecure. If you want to change the way you’re feeling and gain a bit of self-confidence in the process, get into a regular workout routine at the gym. Mastering new exercise techniques is an easy way to stop wallowing in self-pity and start seeing positive physical changes in your body (aka. your new hot post-breakup body)! After joining the gym, try pushing yourself to reach the following fitness goals:

get over a breakup

  • Finish an hour-long kickboxing class
  • Run 5 miles on a treadmill
  • Complete 50 wall squats
  • Bench-press 200 pounds
  • Kick butt in a spin class

By focusing on reaching these new goals, you’ll get your mind off your ex and on to better things.

3. Fight Off Depression

Feeling depressed after a recent split is only natural. In fact, science says that the breakup blues are caused by the absence of pleasure-producing endorphins in the brain. If you feel like doing nothing more than sitting on the couch in your undies while binging on Netflix, hitting the gym may be just what the doctor ordered. Exercise has been proven to boost endorphins in the brain and is the perfect way to get your lonely butt off the couch.

4. Burn Off Breakup Stress

The pressure of explaining the breakup to everyone from your landlord to your co-workers is enough to anyone lose their nerve. Plus, all that extra stress can lead to over-eating that’ll leave you feeling like a beached whale. Instead of going crazy and avoiding dealing with life altogether, head to the gym anytime you’re feeling stressed. Exercise is great for lowering your stress levels and perfect for shifting your focus onto something more positive.

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