Get to know Get Fit Athletic Club

Established in January 2010, Get Fit has rapidly grown to become one of the most popular and trusted names in fitness. With decades of industry experience, Get Fit provides the total fitness package and highest-quality health club experience available. We strive to create an atmosphere that caters to all types of members: from the avid athlete to those new to the gym membership scene. Our variety of quality fitness equipment, group classes, personal training and varying gym membership levels allow each member to create a specialized workout that is perfect for them.

Get Fit has all of the club tools necessary to achieve your personal fitness goals. Whether it is to lose weight, tone up to fit perfectly in that new dress or to prepare for your big race, Get Fit will provide everything you need from cutting edge personal training sessions to weekly cardio and Zumba classes.

Get Fit health club is dedicated to giving you the gym resources and workout experience you deserve! Going to the gym shouldn’t have to be a drag! Our clubs classes, training sessions and equipment variety offer an array of exercise programs to keep you active and your workouts fun and exciting.

Gym Memberships & Personal Training

With Get Fit’s memberships, our number one priority is to help members achieve their health and fitness goals. Our memberships help you get closer to your ultimate health goal each day. Our gym equipment is not only easy for everyone, including beginners, to use but it is also powerful enough for even the most dedicated fitness guru in the gym.

Our Personal Training Program is tailored to each individual client, helping you achieve unique health goals efficiently and effectively. No matter what your health goal is, Get Fit personal trainers will customize a health plan that will help you achieve maximum results. This can include body weight training, plyometric and agility training, isometrics and functional training and core stability and resistance training. Your “Personal Fitness Coach” will work with you to find the individual solution to achieving your health goals!