Get Fit Athletic Club’s small group training helps you focus on specific goals with a small group of like minded individuals and the personal attention of a trainer.

The most important — and sometimes the most difficult — part of working out is staying excited and motivated. That’s not always easy!

If you’re used to working out on your own — like on our single station cardio training or strength training equipment — exercising can become a boring routine.

We won’t let it!

At Get Fit in Somerset, we offer BodyFIT small group training classes that focus on core functional training and cardio exercises. Led by certified personal trainers, you’ll find between 2 – 10 people per session. Classes are fun but intense, with guaranteed calorie and fat-burning success!

BodyFIT is the best of both worlds; it’s a small, personalized exercise group that keeps you accountable and cheers you on. Try something new. Check out BodyFIT small group training at our Somerset gym today!