Improve your agility, balance, flexibility and make everyday activities easier with functional training at Get Fit Athletic Club.

Your muscles and joints work hard for you everyday. Seriously. Think about the daily tasks you perform without even thinking about it — the lifting, bending, pushing and pulling that gets work done.

Functional training at our gym in Somerset gets your body in shape for those everyday movements that could strain, injure or fatigue those out-of-tone muscles and joints. Exercise your entire body with workouts like ropes or TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) — a workout that utilizes your own body weight to increase endurance, balance, stability and flexibility.

Functional training at Get Fit Athletic Club in Somerset works for every fitness level, so even if you’re new to the gym — or haven’t been in awhile — you can work at your own pace to build strength.

For a great way to round out any physical fitness program, try functional training at our Somerset health club.